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Innovative teaching techniques

Innovative teaching techniques

Unique teaching methods based on a scientific approach allow the highest level of sports mastery to be reached more effectively.

Unique exercise equipment

Unique exercise equipment

Special figure skating exercise equipment developed by our specialists significantly facilitates and accelerates the training process.

Learning <br>activities


We have developed a special system aimed at developing attention and memory and strengthening the body, which includes breathing and coordination exercises.

Individual <br>approach


Every child is talented. What a child needs is help in revealing their talents. Our coaches do this to perfection.

Focusing <br>on results

on results

We believe that our main task in the training process is achieving maximum results, no matter which group you choose to join.

Why choose Master Sport?

The “MasterSport” figure skating school in Riga is an excellent choice for parents who want their children to grow up strong, beautiful, healthy and successful.

We use advanced teaching techniques and develop and put into practice the latest facilities and exercise equipment, which significantly ease the training process and improve the quality of training.

Figure skating helps to develop both sporting and social skills, since our school offers you regular active training that helps to strengthen body muscles, improve body functions, and develop responsibility and leadership skills.

Where to start?

If you are considering the possibility of your child making a career in figure skating, you want your child to be beautiful, artistic, healthy and success-oriented, come to our “MasterSport” figure skating school in Riga.

To sign up for a free first class, call 295-16-295.

During the first class we will evaluate your child's physical condition and give you detailed information about how and where classes will be held, how much they cost, how to choose the equipment and where to buy it, etc.